Benefits of Content Marketing

Written by IndustryMarke Apr 28, 2015


You have just started your business and are looking for options on the best ways to market content. What do you do? How do you do it? If content marketing is something that interests you then it is definitely worth considering. Content Marketing is focused on creating and sharing your content, using media to acquire and retain customers. We take a look at some benefits of content marketing which will hopefully inspire you to use content marketing in your business.

Different to Other Marketing Forms

Content Marketing is cheaper than other forms because you don’t have to pay anyone outside the company to manage your Website. You are in charge of writing the articles and can monitor the content everyone sees. This type of marketing gives you an advantage over your competitors because most of them use older methods of marketing.

Marketing was previously focused on using print like newspapers or magazine. Marketers used to promote their businesses through advertising in print media which often made it difficult to target the right audience. It becomes almost impossible to promote your content to your audience as print media is distributed to a large quantity of people each having different interests. Another disadvantage is that it is a slower method. Printing out content and posting it out to the client is extremely time-consuming, not only because every bit of content needs to be individually packaged, but also because the post these days is like snail mail. The worst thing you can do is make your customer wait.

Social Media

Social media is a great way to market to your audience because it’s instant. Your audience can see your content when you want it. Social media is a great way to communicate with your audience, it allows you to have more interaction and personal connection with them. Social media is important because there are large amounts of people using at least one type of platform like Facebook or Twitter. Jeff Bullas a Content Marketing Blogger reports, “ last year (2014) 72% of all internet users are on social media websites and over 1.15 Billion users are on Facebook”. This is a huge amount of people who can see your content, so why not utilise this platform!

Communication with you customers becomes easy when using Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, it’s also an effective way to get feedback. This allows you to learn from your mistakes as well as learn what marketing content was successful on your site.

Introduce your Creativity

Content marketing allows you to get creative.You are given the chance to decide on the look and feel of your website allowing you to bring personality as well as your brand through every page. You can also decide what type of content to publish. Daniel Sarath from Pixus said the design of “your site needs to immediately tell your visitors exactly what your business does. He also mentioned that a good web design helps to enforce an emotional connection to your site so that your visitors remember you.”

Content Marketing allows you to share your content quicker as well as provides you with a chance to get creative all through the use of online platforms like social media. If you are convinced that content marketing is simple and easy to do then try it for yourself.


To get you started, here are five tips for great Content Marketing:

1. Use Useful information

When you write articles with great information about your topic, more people will be interested and want to read it. If the content is great they will then feel compelled to share it with their network.

2. Use Social Media

Social media is certainly here to stay and it is the best platform to promote your business. It provides you with the right space for people to give you feedback, start discussions as well as for you as the business own to interact with them.

3. Pick your Niche

Being able to target the right people and picking your niche in which your content will be focused on, will assist with expanding your readership.

4. Use Useful Keywords

Using the right keywords will enable people to find your content easily as well as assist them with their inquiries. The worst thing you can do is make it hard for your audience to find you.

5. Write Blogs

Write blogs seems easy enough, but remember the more content you have present on your site, the better it is for SEO and your business.



Article by Industrymarké intern Isabell Schellenberg.


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