How Google my Business is the Necessary Tool you Need

Written by Clara Antonello Nov 19, 2014

Clara Antonello


Making your business stand out can be hard at the best of times, but Google have released a new tool that is set to help grow your web presence.

This new tool works in conjunction with your other Google profiles such as Google search, Google maps and Google+.

The purpose of Google My Business is to allow customers to find you anywhere. It maximises your presence online by making your profiles more accessible through the one tool.

Google My Business makes it easier for you to connect with customers – the key is to ensuring its success is to stay current at all costs. So, if you continue to regularly post updates on social media as well as update your Google profiles it will push your name out there more often when potential clients search.

This new tool also keeps you up to date with analytics of how your profile is going. It will inform you of how many profile views, shares and new followers you have. It will then use this information to update your profile and gain even more exposure for your company.

Google My Business should definitely be on your list of things to try.

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