Marketing Trends that will Shape 2015

Written by Clara Antonello Feb 09, 2015

Clara Antonello


The Four Trends, Set to Shape Marketing in 2015

It’s out with the old and in with the new for marketing in 2015. What was once a popular strategy either made the chopping block or will continue into the future. We take a look at some of the marketing trends for this year.


Visual Storytelling

Gone are the days when storytelling consisted of words on a page. Marketers nowadays are utilising the technology around them and taking the ‘storytelling’ concept to another extreme. Using infographics, videos and imagery will take your content to the next level.

Consumers love to engage with content when there is something that catches their eye. Research says, a person loses engagement after about 12 seconds, so the more engaging and visual your content is, the more likely your consumer will stick around long enough.

Another way marketers are utilising visual storytelling is through different platforms. Consumers aren’t simply engaging through their computer, rather they are looking at your material through their tablets and smartphones. Making your website compatible with these technologies will win the hearts of every consumer out there.


Continuing to innovate and rework your pre-existing websites and content is essential to keep up to date with latest trends. Being able to refresh your website is a great way to keep consumers coming back. This isn’t necessarily a trend for 2015, rather it is something you should consider on a regular basis.

Refreshing your content should be done at least once every two years. As new products become available, there are always different ways you can promote your brand. You shouldn’t just live in today rather you should always plan for the future and constantly evolve with the times.

Social Media

Social Media will never really go out of fashion. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are great resources for any business as they are the perfect platforms to get your name and brand out there.

With social media marketing, it provides you with a platform to get creative and have fun with your audience. Posting videos, infographics or blog posts is just a sample of what you can do. We live in an age where majority of people are connected on at least one platform so pleasing the masses by getting your business connected, is essential.

Marketing Memes

You’ve got to love a good meme. Believe it or not some marketers are incorporating memes into their strategies. When done right, this can be an effective way to promote your brand. Using something that has been trending on the internet or has people talking is a great way to promote your company.

Marketing in this way humanises your brand. It demonstrates that your business is up with the latest news and trending topics.

Of course a little bit of humour goes a long way! Why not have fun with it and make people laugh. They will surely remember you if you do.


Marketing is constantly changing. Being a competitive industry there is always a need to outdo the competition. This is essential to win the game. New innovative marketing strategies are transforming the way people are receiving information and they will continue to evolve every year.

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