Website Optimisation: Three Basics That Won’t Fail

Written by Charlotte Jover Jul 01, 2014

Charlotte Jover
website optimisation basics

More than just littering your website with keywords on every second line, your website optimisation strategy and content marketing plan is a technical art in its own right (I may be a little biased…)

If there is one thing you must understand  – it’s that you will never wholly understand it! SEO is ever changing, and even when you think you’ve got it down pat, Google will introduce yet another algorithm – looking at you Panda! 

Here are three basics to follow when starting out your website optimisation campaign: 

Engaging social content will never fail

As long as you’ve set your sights on an audience you want to target and carve your content around their interests, you’re doing your job half right.

Obviously, website optimisation matters, (otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article!), but to make sure you’re attracting the right kind of customer, and not wasting your time on browsers – both web and people – make sure you focus on crafting compelling content that resonates with the right  market.

And don’t forget rule #1 – if you can’t get through more than half, neither will anyone else.

SEO is only one piece of a well-connected puzzle 

Organic search (and paid search if you’re lucky!) is only the beginning of your SEO strategy.

Don’t forget these guys play a part in total online dominance too:

  • Email
  • Direct – specifically searching for the URL
  • Referral – inbound links from other sites
  • Social Media

Don’t dismiss social just as a way of interacting

Remember that puzzle I mentioned? Check out the SEO & Social Media smackdown that explains the differences and similarities in one infographic here. In many ways, SEO and social media aren’t just different, but can be complete opposites!

As social engagement appeals to emotion, and SEO to the robot (literally, the Googlebot), it’s important to know how and why they both need each other for your website’s optimisation.

And don’t forget all your hard research work that’s gotten you to the top – repurposing this work for social engagement is where the real fun begins.

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