Why Basic Copywriting Skills are Essential

Written by Clara Antonello Nov 26, 2014

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Is your website content lacking that initial spark that is supposed to grab your audiences attention from the get-go? Well maybe your copy needs to be updated and website given a refresh.


Topics should always be fun and exciting

Having a basic understanding of copywriting skills is essential in producing the best content for your audience. Nothing says boring like writing about why a circle is a circle, unless that floats your boat (in that case write away). Keeping topics interesting and exciting will draw a reader in and hopefully keep them on your site long enough that they will click through more than one post.

In saying this, another key factor in producing compelling copy is to keep an eye out for an awesome heading. Nothing draws a person in quick enough than a story that says ‘Breaking News’. When you think about it, humans are extremely nosey. We want to know everything. A headline can suck a person in with just 140 characters. That’s pretty amazing. A simple hook to grab their attention is all you need.


Express yourself

A blog post is the best way to voice your opinions. Why not show off your personality and what makes you, you, when you’re writing your blog. A person that is kind, funny, relatable and quirky will attract attention, and believe it or not so does someone who creates controversy. You want people to talk about you. They need to start the conversation with their network of friends about your site.

Showing your audience that you are human and are just like them will be received well. They  most likely will follow you along your journey and keep referring back to your website. If you come across as trustworthy and consistent then you will eventually build up a fan base. Although building relationships with people is crucial, you don’t want someone to just read your blog and think ‘oh yeah that was cool’, you want them to think ‘wow! I want more of that’.


How to keep people coming back for more

A great way to create relationships with people is by interacting with them. Signing off your blog post with a question will create a discussion amongst your readers. Discussions are a great way to keep the conversation going and if you, the blogger, participates you will begin to build a good rapport with your audience.

Promoting your blogs on social media is also a great way to build relationships. Majority of people use one form of social media, whether it is Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn, this is a great way to remind your social network that your website is there.

So, if you are looking at your site after reading this and thinking to yourself, ‘huh?’ Maybe consider putting some of these tips into practice.

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