Why Google Adwords is a Small Business’ Best Friend

Written by Clara Antonello Nov 19, 2014

Clara Antonello


You’re a new small business and you want the world to know that you are out there and have the best product for your customers. How do you promote yourself without spending thousands and thousands of dollars on advertising?

Google Adwords is the way to go. This will soon become your best friend. Why you ask?  Well the best way to promote your business is by increasing the number of website visitors, those that are your key audience for your product or service and that are in the market to purchase, which is, of course, easier said than done. Some companies pay thousands of dollars to advertisers to market their business, when in actual fact you manage it yourself through Google Adwords quite cost effectively.

If you have always wanted to have your company appear on the first page of Google, advertising can help. Adwords will suggest keywords for your product or service at a price. These prices are based on the popularity of the key words. Some words that are less popular are also good to consider, as more of what we call a “long tail search” strategy.

As a small business it is often hard trying to compete with the big players with bigger budgets. The best advice is to use the resources you have available to you. Yes of course going through an agency to help you market your company is probably the better option, however you can still get some great results creating advertisements through Adwords.

The key is to make sure you have enough keywords to optimise your website, so when a potential customer is looking for a product in your field your business will be visible to them. Google Adwords, give it a go it will definitely get the ball rolling and assist with your marketing plan.


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