Without an Online Presence does your Company Exist?

Written by Clara Antonello Nov 19, 2014

Clara Antonello


Promoting your business through the internet is the best way to ensure you are getting the very best exposure for your products and services. Every consumer these days will almost always search first for products and services they need then either buy online or visit the store. So, if you don’t appear on the first page of Google you might as well not even have a website, or certainly pour time and effort into moving your site up the search ranks.

 Typing a few words into Google brings up thousands upon thousands of different pages of websites it thinks you want to look at. But, how does it know thats what you want to see?

Well believe it or not, Google is smarter than we all think. No, it doesn’t read your mind, rather it picks up all the keywords from the website and compiles a list of them based on what you type in the search bar. Pretty amazing right?

When developing a new website for your business, it’s a good idea to focus time and resources not only on optimising your site, but also maintaining it regularly. SEO is  the term that is often used to describe this keyword optimisation. To put it simply, it means to make sure your content has the right words that Google reads and then serves up your site depending on what people type in the search bar.

Although optimising your content is extremely important, it is also worth noting that the internet has become a social platform thanks to Social Media like Facebook and Twitter. Creating an online presence using these platforms increases your chances of your business being number one on the search list.

Having your company’s name splashed across a number of different social media platforms as well as having all the content on your website optimised for SEO, you are well on your way to making the number one spot on Google.

The internet is a great way to publicise your business as well as inform consumers what you offer. The good thing about Google is that it rewards companies that produce content that is updated regularly and best matches the needs of the person searching.

So focus on optimising your site for your audience and who knows what kind of business you’ll attract.


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